C130 Engine & Propellers

C130 A through to H Aircraft Maintenance


With our partners in Pem-Air we provide Aircraft Maintenance Repair Operations based out of Tampa Bay Regional Airport, Brooksville, Florida— 32,000 Sq. Ft (combined) airport-side aircraft hangers and a proposed new facility in Shannon Ireland with— FAA Certified Technicians with extensive background training from U.S.A.F, U.S. Navy and OEMs.

Facilities include maintenance support equipment and technical data— C130A through to H.

Maintenance Repairs

We can provide Full Engine and Propeller Overhaul,Engine and Propeller Workscope Management

Minor and Major Repair Maintenance (Engine & Propeller)

Engine Conversions/UpgradesBlade/Boro Blending

Propeller Phase Inspections / 7-day Propeller Inspections

Borescope Inspections

Module Repair and Replacements

Dynamic and Static Balancing

Engine Phase Checks

TCTO ComplianceQEC/Accessory Installations/Removal/Swaps

Engine and Propeller Functional and Operational ChecksEngine Preservations (Long-Term/Short-Term)

Lease Returns and Lease Inductions

APU Repairs 

Aircraft and Engine Maintenance Support Capabilities

Isochronal Inspections (Minor & Majors) (based on U.S.AF TO System)—

A to D checks (based on Lockheed Service Manual Publication SMP515C)—

Engine and Propeller Maintenance (T56/501D Engines & 54H60 Propellers

—Engine Phase Inspections

Aircraft Storage, Preservation and Rotation— Aircraft/Engine

Modifications and Upgrades—

Center Wing Box Inspections— Complete

Logistics Services  

C130 Engine & Propellers Servicing on the ground 

We can provide Full Engine and Propeller changes on the ground to ensure full operational ability where the service is required. 

Module Repair and Replacements would be provided as a backup where AOG requirements necessitate corrective responses 


TCTO ComplianceQEC/Accessory Installations/Removal/Swaps

Engine and Propeller Functional and Operational Checks 


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