Ameravia Aircraft R2 Rotable Parts and Supplies​


Ameravia Intercontinental have an extensive inventory of spare parts that can be shipped through the various transport hubs either by courier or air cargo depending on the weight and volume congfiguration. All requests for quotation should be emailed through to or submit your request through the link below. 

Parts Procurement

Through our global network of suppliers and our extensive inventory, Ameravia are well positioned to meet your requirements for a wide range of aerospace parts.


Ameravia can draw down on the extensive inventory of overhauled rotables and where we do not carry your requirements in stock we can source from the OEMs or from our global network of partners.

R3 Life Limited Parts 
Surface Controls & Avionics

Landing Gear, LLPs, Surface Controls and Avionics are usually harvested from the  R1 Rendering Parting Out operation and are overhauled to OEM specifications and certified for release into operational use. Normally Ameravia Intercontinental will have agreed forward contracts on most items but where we do not have the specific part in stock we can source it from our global network of partners.

 R2  Inventory 

As with traditional Parting Out operations we supplement our inventory when required with parts and modules from the OEMs. The vast bulk of our inventory is from the Parting Out operations and given the extensive growth curve Ameravia is experiencing, this inventory of parts and modules will increase exponentially. Email your RFQs to for a prompt response with pricing, availability and logistics. 

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