Aircraft End of Life     


At Ameravia we are always in the market for new opportunities and have the resources to accquire assets at various stages of their economic useful lifecycle. This can often occur at End of Lease where the financiers dont want the cost of completing C checks, issues with Stub End Leases, we can make that business case for you, and accquire the assets so as to let you get on with your business and we can deal with the associated risks of parting out and recovering the assets through our R1 Facility.


Aircraft Procurement

Ameravia Intercontinental are in the market to complete asset acquisitions for End of Lease opportunities and or End of Life  processing on a complete purchase option or as joint agents for beneficial owners on a shared revenue basis. 

R1 Rendering

The Ameravia Intercontinental dismantling facility  can process up to two wide bodied aircraft at any time with the capacity to park up 15 wide bodied aircraft on concrete hardstanding within a secure airside facilities.

R2 Bagging & Tagging Parts
R5 Recovery

As each part is harvested from the aircraft, it is tagged, bagged and barcoded before proceeding to the Ameravia QAQC for processing through our component workshop lines where the parts will be cleaned, overhauled, put through the testing stations before being listed on our online  inventory listing for downstream sales through the MRO supply chain. As Ameravia's operations are located within minutes of major distribution hubs we can provide our clients with short turnaround times for most online orders.

Ameravia's team have developed the R5 MethodologyTM End of Life process to include every element of existing airframes and engines. Our patented process can recover the complete interior and external fabric of the aircraft including hydraulic fluids, tires, paint, glass, wiring looms, insulation linings and plastics. We will issue carbon credits on each aircraft based on the actual net weight that we put through the process. Independently audited certificates will be issued to substantiate the 100% recovery of each asset. Each certificate will detail schedules of what has been up-cycled and what has been recycled.

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