About Ameravia Intercontinental


Ameravia commenced operations in 1980 as a supplier of parts and services to the aerospace industry.  


The business developed through the acquisition of existing aircraft for parting out and distribution of certified parts and modules through the traditional MRO supply chain channels.


The executive team recognised the ever increasing demand for specialist services in niche markets and commenced the expansion by establishing business partnerships with likeminded aerospace partners that meet the requirements and work ethic that we in Ameravia have become synonomous for personal service to our customers, that comes with a commitment to ensure best practice, best price and shortest turnaround. 


We have a global network of contacts and partners that enable us to secure assets and provide a range of services without announcing it to the market, this level of discretion has become recognised and our client base continues to grow through referals as a direct consequence of this low key approach to providing our range of services.


The expansion of the business into Europe incorporates the latest state of the art End of Life facility that enables us to become the first 100% Green Recovery Facility for aircraft and engines. What does not go back out as a part or serviced module will be totally recycled through our new material recycling facility and energy management plant. This forms an integral part of the Ameravia R5 MethodologyTM that we will be rolling out in the region.





  Our Expertise


  • Aircraft Parting Out

  • Engine Overhauls 

  • Engine Sales & Leasing

  • C130 Asset MRO

  • End of Life Aircraft Recycling

  • Aircraft Off Market Procurement

  • Distribution of Refurbished Parts

  • AOG Logistic & Service Support

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

  • Delivery Inspections

  • End of Lease Procurements

  • Aircraft & Engine Brokerage 

  Our Mission


  • To extend our EOL global reach into EMEA and Asia as the Partner of Choice for all OEMs.

  • Expand our Engine Leasing Power by the Hour platform revenue to US$ 1 Billion. 

  • Expand our global reach for the C130 A to H platforms to EMEA.

  • Set the Industry Standard for EOL Material Recovery at a Certified 100% with our patented R5 Methodology TM MRF System.

  • To grow our business through continued referrals from our existing customers experiences based on " Yes we can!" philosophy.

Mannix Mackenna

  Former Founder & CEO Ameravia Intercontinental 

1953 - 2018 

  Our People & Partners


  • Our people know what they are talking about when you call for AOG support.

  • We pride ourselves on the fact that its your business we support and it remains that way; Confidentiality & Integrity are the foundation from which all of our relationships are built. 

  • Our people have the necessary skills, certification and above all, Experience!

  • Our people like making money, but they are more concerned that you continue to receive that personal service for which we are renowned.

© 2018 Ameravia Intercontinental International Trading Division of Ameravia Intercontinental Cayman Limited, Cayman Islands, BWI.

Contact Ameravia Intercontinental


AOG Hotline: Tel: +353-87-237-3200  or sales@ameravia.com

Head Office: PO Box 31321, SMB, George Town, Cayman Islands, BWI. 


Global Operations Centre:

3, Park West Road, Park West Business Park, Dublin, Ireland.

Tel: +353 1 4533108                               Fax: +353 1 4533121

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